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One goal, one spirit, and many hands joined together - thats what defines the distribution network of Amazing Health Inventions. It comprises of a strong chain of several C&F agents, along with Super Stockists and Distributors spread across the country. This comprehensive arrangement would make products available over 120,000 outlets in the country, ensuring that every Saini product reaches its customers in record time, across the country. Complimenting this efficiency at home is an equally effective network operating at a global level - covering markets of Middle East , Europe , CIS Countries, USA .

Our Pillars

Heritage of Knowledge of Ayurveda coupled with research, innovation and constant validation. Result oriented products. Natural, safe and effective formulations.

What makes the customer believe in them all?

It's the faith that comes with time, with a positive experience of using a product offered by the company. By realising that the promises were indeed fulfilled. But winning this faith isn't easy. It comes after plenty of research and consumer study done on a large scale.
In case of Saini, the entire process of advanced research hinges on one focal point to provide care, and not just cure. To serve people with effective products, has made Saini a reliable and favored name amongst the masses.For Saini, this long journey of many years has indeed been a glorious one & its glorious streak will continue to brighten up many more lives.


All the products of Saini Herbals are clinically Tried & Tested through the experts of renowned institutes in India & Abroad. We present some of names of reputed agencies and organizations, which have either tested /used and believe in the superior quality of our herbal products and services.

    • Lady Harding Medical College & Associated Hospitals, New Delhi (India)
    • Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi (India)
    • Skin Institute Research Society by Professor Behl, Delhi (India)
    • JR Laboratories Inc. (Canada)
    • Bio / Dynamics Inc. Department of Toxicology, (New Jersey U.S.A )
    • ARBRO Pharmaceuticals Limited. New Delhi (India)
    • SGS (India)

Over 30, Care Hair Now for years to come

As we age, our bodies change. These changes are inevitable, but our lifestyle choices, hair and skin care routine may slow or speed the aging process. When people step into thirties, both men & women notice skin changes, receding hairline & hair thinning. From the first hint of hair loss to male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness can take a long time but for people who are over stressing themselves, ignoring these aging signs, it can also happen in just a few years. For women at this point, hair is still pretty full, but in today’s world of career pressure and marital stress most women feel reduction in hair density. But in any case this age group are taking better care of themselves than they were in their twenties. Hair loss was a more prominent problem in men, women in their 50s or 60s, but now its shocking that a major number of youngsters who are in their 20s and 30s seeking hair restoration surgery. We usually see once people reach this age-range, they experience parting widening, scalp showing through at your crown area, the hair on top of the head thinning, especially hair breakage and receding hairline. But one positive point for 30s age group is recovery can be very fast, within six months. Youngsters wants everything instant, while Ayurveda herbs does help, but impatient people rush to hair transplants or hair restoration surgeries. What is the guarantee that you will get good hair transplant results? After hair transplantation, over the next few months people generally loose hair at an alarming rate. Few people experience hair loss at surrounding area of hair transplanted portion. It's better to try for holistic hair care remedies and then take any heir transplantation decision. Most doctors say that the major causes for hair loss are iron deficiency, lack of sunlight (vitamin D-3), stress or mental pressure, irregular dietary habits, hormonal changes and related diseases like thyroid and diabetes. Whether there is a hair loss cure for your particular problem, you can discover how to take better care of yourself and your hair by knowing what to look for, gathering the facts, comparing hair solutions available and taking preventative measures to help minimize future damage. While hair loss at a young age can be alarming, it’s important to remember that the earlier thinning hair is noticed and any hair loss cause is diagnosed, the easier it can be to treat.

Hair Care Practices to be adopted

Try to use less heat to style the areas of your hair that are more delicate than others areas. Good Hair conditoiner help detangle your hair more easily when it's wet. Six main things are needed for a good-looking head of hair -- good dietary habits, the right attention to scalp & hair cleanliness, and caution when using cosmetic treatments, avoid chemicals based products, nourish your hair regularly with herbal hair serum and use a mild herbal shampoo & conditioner. Clean your hair and scalp regularly and in a gentle manner with mild herbal shampoo and conditioner with no sulphates. This can give bouncy feel immediately & ayurveda herbs help fill out thinning hair and can stimulate hair regrowth. Avoid chemical treatments, hair wax, hair styling gels that are hard on thescalp and hair and can speed up hair loss and damage the hair that's left. Avoid stress: Stressing yourself for your thinning hair however, isn’t going to do your hair any good. While we understand the emotional toll hair loss can cause, there are still plenty of options available to you. Again, be sure to look for early signs so you can potentially reverse your hair problems with an ayurvedic hair loss cure. As a result, their hair is often healthier now than it was then.

Ayurveda Nourishing for Bliss in Hair & Scalp

Bliss is our natural state. It’s the feeling we get when we are healthy in our body and at ease in our hearts. Unfortunately, our current world presents the body with harmful chemicals and foods that take away our natural bliss. Scalp nourishment is a powerful way to fully experience the life in the hair. We sometimes need to relearn or remember how to continue to nourish our scalp in our daily lives, how to find a balance of self care and receiving nourishment from other sources like ayurvedic herbs. Our diets, water quality, environmental factors are all a reflection of the harmony we create in our lives. Choosing to nourish our scalp supports us in our affirmation of getting healthy hair. Although breathing is the most basic life activity which happens automatically, we can use it as a source of nourishment. Taking in deep, full breaths energizes and oxygenates all parts of our bodies including scalp. We can direct the breath into desired areas of our bodies that are holding tension or feeling fatigued, giving new energy, and eliminating stress, allowing the body to soften. Slow, deep breathing can dispel anxiety, promote relaxation, and help the body to let go ultimately opens blocked scalp capillaries. Practicing mindful, healthy breathing provides a sense of serenity and nourishment to our scalp. Our eating habits and food choices reflect our attitudes about providing our scalp with internal nourishment. We can create a more nurturing relationship with food by offering prayer before food, following time schedule with balanced diet.

How long will it take to see the desired results in hair fall?

Although nourishing and stimulating process of Icare Herbal Hair products begins immediately, visibly relevant results generally take between four to five weeks, 8-10 applications are normally sufficient to produce some results in severe cases of Falling of hair. With continued use, your hair will stay healthy and continue to improve.

Does frequent shampooing lead to hair fall?

It’s advisable to keep your scalp cleanse. Shampooing requirement varies person to person. Oily scalp people notice oil coming out from their scalp everyday and if they do not wash everyday their hair gets sticky and its difficult for them to move out of the house with sticky hair. Whereas for people with dry scalp, even if they do not shampoo hair for regular three days, it’s ok for them. What matter is to keep scalp cleansed, shampoo frequency is of less importance. But of course, it's not good to rub too much or use a harsh shampoo especially when you need to use it often. It's better to use a gentle herbal shampoo. We recommend to use Icare herbal mild shampoo & herbal hair conditioner which is made of useful Ayurvedic herbs known for their positive effects on hair and is added with mild cleansing agents to be used on daily basis.


Can I use your Treatment if I chemically treat my hair e.g. with bleaches or hair dyes?

Yes, in fact when strong chemicals like hair colors etc. which are unavoidable and being used to your hair, our herbal hair care products are must to save hair from damage caused by strong chemicals. Since chemical based hair colors are applied directly to your scalp hair root, and this is where the blood supply is the richest, you can imagine how easy it would be for these chemicals to get into your bloodstream & affect hair health including new baby hair that are grown naturally. Icare Herbal Shampoo, Conditioner & Herbal Serum are made from mild ingredients including rich Ayurvedic Herbs which works best for the hair density and hair protection. Moreover, Icare Hair Care Products adds life to existing hair adding volume where density is reduced with regular use of hair colors.

Why do you recommend Icare Herbal Shampoo & Herbal Conditioner with your Herbal Hair Loss Treatment?

Since chemical based hair shampoos & conditioner are applied directly to your scalp hair root, and this is where the blood supply is the richest, you can imagine how easy it would be for these chemicals to get into your bloodstream & affect hair health including new baby hair that would be grown from our treatment. Icare Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner are made from SLS free mild ingredients including rich Ayurvedic Herbs which works best for the hair. Herbal hair serum used in conjunction with Shampoo & conditioner boost the treatment. Moreover, it adds life to existing hair adding volume which is great until new Hair are Grown.

Does stress or trauma affect baldness?

Yes very much, these also Contributes to baldness but not necessarily every person suffering from stress or trauma have hair loss. Actually, due to stress scalp capillaries gets blocked and blood supply gets pinched off hampering essential hair nutrients reaching hair follicles in most cases. One gets hair disorders like receding hair line, poor hair density, patchy baldness, excessive hair fall, alopecia, alopecia areata as a result. When stress factor cannot be avoided, and person do not feel like devoting time for hair care, its recommended to use Icare Herbal Hair Care products like shampoo, conditioner & herbal hair serum in routine. I will at least ensure safety to existing hair where mind pressure, stress are the order of the day.

My father is bald, Is there any way that I can prevent baldness?

Generally People with family History of Baldness Gets Hair loss much early than Expected. Family history do makes difference, but yes, if proper hair care is taken this process can be delayed. You can look after your whole lifestyle ie: diet, exercise, yoga and take time out for your hair health. Use Ayurvedic herbs for your hair which gives extra hair nutrition which generally can’t be attained only from dietary sources. Ayurveda hair Herbs keeps hair strong from the root and ensures proper blood circulation in the scalp so that Hair do not lack nourishment.

Is your Ayurveda Hair Loss Treatment good for my hair?

Yes! Our products are completely herbal, safe and made of high quality Ayurvedic herbs. Regular use of herbal serum, shampoo & Conditioner nourishes scalp, which helps restoring new hair growth. Products are Made up with the finest, naturally derived ingredients, and is proven to be safe & effective by full clinical testing, and is completely safe for regular usage products works for all types of scalp like dry scalp, normal scalp & oil scalp. Since these herbs have been used since ages for hair disorders by Indian people, their hair are usually much thicker and black as compare to other people of the world. Even if these herbs do not benefit to you by any chance, it doesn’t have any side effects at all instead these herbs have multiple benefits.

Do you have any advice for alopecia sufferers on how to cope with it?

It's always a massive shock, but there are treatments if you catch it early this situation can be avoided or at least further hair receding can be stopped as soon as possible, prevention is better than cure. Alopecia in young ages can be treated faster as product efficacy is the most in young ages. So don’t lose heart, hair density can be reversed, in case hair follicles are present or until scalp skin has become shiny. Ayurveda Herbs works miraculous for some cases. It’s the Most Oldest hair healing system, cost effective and easy to use treatment

Can you treat all types of alopecia?

No, alopecia totalise can’t be treated. Our Icare Herbal Hair Care products are a revolutionary natural products, whose formulation is based on the Ayurvedic concept and which are made up with the finest, naturally derived ingredients, and is proven to be safe & effective by full clinical testing. Hair density can be reversed, in case hair follicles are present or until scalp skin has become shiny. Ayurveda Herbs works miraculous for some cases. It’s the most Oldest Hair Healing system, cost effective and easy to use treatment.

I do not have the habit of using Hair Conditioner separately after shampoo, can I avoid using it as part of your Hair Loss Treatment?

Each product have its own role in hair care regime. Though Icare herbal hair shampoos also have conditioner and ayurvedic herbs with natural conditioning properties giving shine to your hair, but it is also recommended to use conditioner after shampoo if you are having lot of hair falling. Shampoo is basically for scalp cleansing and do not stay on the scalp for long as compare to conditioner which stays on scalp for little long where herbs gets time to work on the scalp. Herbal hair serum used in conjunction with Shampoo & conditioner boost the treatment. Moreover, it adds life to existing hair adding volume which is great until new hair are grown.

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